Help to build a Safe Space for over 2.500 vulnerable children and youth from the KaMaxaqueni communities in Mozambique.

The Favela United Foundation aims to build an inclusive and sustainable safe space in the form of a Multi-functional education and training center for over 2500+ vulnerable adolescents and youth from marginalized communities in the KaMaxaqueni District of Maputo City. Specifically, it will enhance the skills, knowledge and self-confidence of the youth participating in the Community Center activities, what will improve their livelihood opportunities and increase the socio-economic well-being in the community.

The community Center offers a Safe haven for vulnerable kids

Gangs, drugs, violence, pollution, child labor and abuse await many of our children and families, especially those who live in this urban neighborhoods. Here, the need for safe places is even greater. Our community center bring together people who inspire each other. They stand as a testament to our long-term investment in our communities. Beyond the bricks and mortar, the building will be transformed by the energy and passion of the people who enter the doors, and the center become like a second home.

Building the Favela United Community Center will also focus on creating a proper and healthy environment (COVID19 safe) for Favela United to provide the off the field youth empowerment, education, character development and social impact activities.

Support our Favela United Community Center and Children

Make a contribution ( Your name written on the community Center Wall of Supporters)
€25 Contribute bricks, cement and man power to build the center which will benefit the Children
€50 Contribute Education materials and Lunch Packages
€100 Building a complete wall of the center.
€500 Building a complete Changing room with Sanitation facilities. + Clean and safe water

Make a contribution ( Your name or company name placed on the Community Center official partner plaque)
€1000 Building a complete library equipped with books for the children and youth.
€2500 Building a complete education room with furniture and provide education materials for the kids

Large gifts and naming opportunities Contributors who donate €1.000 or more join an exclusive group that comes with significant perks:
• Updates on how the project is progressing and when it will be inaugurated
• An invitation to attend the inauguration ceremony or visit the center anytime
• Your name, your company name or the name of someone important to you, inscribed on a plaque in the center.

Another far-reaching opportunity:
A chance to leave a lasting impression on the Favela United Community Center by naming one of the rooms is still available. The very spaces that are changing the lives of kids will feature the name of you, (€10.000+)

The Favela United Community center: A sustainable and long-term investment in the community

Over the past 10 years Favela United impacted the lives of 50.000+ young people throughout Mozambique and Brasil. By building this Community Center, Favela United can duplicate the impact and include more young people and continue even stronger with giving these children a place to learn, play and grow up in an inclusive and safe way. What will lead to more social change and reducing problems in the community. Daily activities at the FU Center will empower youth and give them the information, training, education and spotlight they deserve. The whole community will benefit from the Clubhouse, besides the children from the community, we also work with street children, orphans and the community mothers.

To achieve our goals and to make the best impact that we can, we closely work together with the community, parents, schools, local partner organizations and the local community government. The strength of our Organisation is that we work with local coaches who train and mentor in their own communities. They play a crucial role in empowering young people since they are closest to the local communities. Favela United can lean on a stable pool of local and international volunteers who contribute with man hours and expertise.

The Favela United Project has been built up for years, so we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge of what exactly is needed in the community. As an Community based organization, we are truly an expert in what we do in the community. Our strength is that we are deeply rooted in the community, built up super grass roots and constantly evaluating and adjusting and addition our (international) expertise in the field of sports for development, specifically football.

Want to learn more about funding our community center?
Contact the Favela United Team: | Cell: +258 824088839 or What's app: +31627212126