Favela United is a community based youth empowerment organisation which uses the transformational power of football to drive social change inside marginalized communities of Mozambique.


A world where all children in Mozambique have equal opportunities and have the opportunity to make their own decisions about their own life and future. The Favela United program reinforces the general knowledge, skills and self-confidence of the participating children, so that boys and girls in Mozambique can be champions of their own destiny.


With the program we inspire and create a strong next generation of positive Change-Makers among youth inside marginalized communities with the power of football. Our aim is to provide the youth with the opportunity to create a better future for themselves and their community by teaching them on the pitch about fair play, inclusion and respect – lessons directly transferable to life in general and off the pitch, they participate into our ‘Life Captains’ Educational and Character development program




"We don't just want to develop elite athletes. Our approach means we produce conscientious professionals who use their talent to impact the lives of others.“


At Favela United, our objective is to develop high-performance athletes, capable of building a successful career as a professional footballer at an elite level. With a focus on education and developing one's character, our graduates can also become influential role models who will use their profile as players to inspire, create and lead positive change in the world.


“we make sure that every young  person’s potential is fulfilled and talent is unlocked, with the power of Football”.

Favela United Academy develops strong leaders who are open minded, confident and ethical; who aspire to claim a better future for Africa. Education is central to the Favela United talent development model. Our student-centred approach encourages students to be curious, independent thinkers, empowering them with the skills needed to succeed.

We don’t place limits on our students’ abilities. We nurture self-belief and grit to confront and overcome setbacks and obstacles. 

We promote teamwork to challenge and encourage every student to reach their potential. 

Strong emphasis is placed on the development of our students’ critical thinking skills, providing them with the ability to analyze and evaluate problems in order to create solutions.

Character Development

"By developing an individual’s character, we give them a foundation and a framework for success. It’s not just about creating a winning mentality, but a positive mindset to achieve more, and to help others.”

Character Development is at the very heart of our philosophy. Whilst everyone has the right to dream, we know that the first step on working towards that dream is by developing resilient leaders who have the skills and capabilities to succeed. This is why we have developed a formalized Character Development programme with regular sessions held across our organization. We tailor our delivery at Favela United to be culturally relevant and specific to the needs of our players. By integrating Character Development into our curriculum and professional culture, it forms the spine of our development model and is one of the primary reasons our students sight for their success.

Girls Programme

"Our Girls' programme is set up to revolutionise football whilst contributing to a better, more equitable society.“

Football is not actively encouraged amongst girls in Southern Africa. By the time a girl reaches 12, she is often expected to concentrate on her role within the family, looking after siblings and contributing to the running of the household.

The Girls’ Programme challenges traditional gender roles and creates opportunities for talented young women to fulfil their potential and become the next generation of African role models. Fully integrated within the Favela United impact model, we offer quality and transformative football, education, mentorship and international exposure.

The Favela United Life Captains program reinforces the general knowledge, skills and self-confidence of the participating youth, so that boys and girls in Mozambique can be champions of their own destiny. “Favela United Life Captains”