Favela United inspires and creates change makers by using the transformational power of football to empower youth from marginalised communities.

With Favela United we are committed to a fair future for every young person in Mozambique. By embracing them and including them to join our education and football for development activities, we make sure that every young  person’s potential is fulfilled and talent is unlocked.




Favela united works with the most vulnerable children of our society and uses football as a tool to drive social change from youth leadership to gender equility and from youth employability to violence prevention. Our football program unites street children and children coming from different marginalized neighbourhoods. These youngsters often grow up in an unstable environment, with very limited training and development opportunities.



Favela United - Ni Kombela Golo


Want to make a difference yourself ? Join our Team

Visit us in Mozambique

As an Intern

Join us in Mozambique and have the opportunity to gain work experience by doing an internship at our Organisation.


As a volunteer 

Travel to Mozambique and volunteer  at our Favela United Academy in Maputo City. Truly an experience of a lifetime.


Travel and Play Football 

Discover the unique beauty and culture of Mozambique while making an impact for vulnerable Children from the Bairro's


Help to build a Safe Space

Help to build a Safe Space for vulnerable children and youth from the KaMaxaqueni communities in Mozambique.

The Favela United Foundation aims to build an inclusive and sustainable safe space in the form of a Multi-functional education and training center for over 2500+ vulnerable adolescents and youth from marginalized communities in the KaMaxaqueni District of Maputo City. 



Over the past 10 years Favela United reached and impacted over 50.000 vulnerable young people with the power of sports throughout Mozambique and Brazil.



Impact Stories

“Being a part of the Favela United project changed my life. I used to be very shy and didn’t have a lot of self confidence. Now I'm coaching the next generation young girls and boys in the community and I also became a referee in the official youth football competition. I feel strong, confident and respected when I walk through the community, it makes me happy and proud”. Joaquina

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Life Captains "Girls Empowerment" Program

The Favela United Life Captains Girls program Empowers young woman and reinforces the general knowledge, skills and self-confidence of the participating girls, so that girls in Mozambique can be champions of their own destiny. “Favela United Life Captains”

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The Inclusive World Cup - Road to Inclusion & Gender Equality

When all eyes were on Russia for the FIFA World Cup 2018 we did not forget about the other side of the world, where youth still fights againstsocial exclusion a nd poverty. The World Cup for social change Following the footsteps of one of the World’s best footballers of all time, Mozambique’s legendary Eusébio da Silva. Last summer over 500 marginalized children throughout Mozambique’s poorest communities tasted the sweet feeling of participating in a World Cup and experienced what it feels like to be a real football star. During 30 days, boys and girls from 16 different communities including street children came together on the pitch to play and celebrate the beautiful game of football.

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